R2-D2 with Wireless Web Cam: The Star Wars Spy Robot

This one is for Star Wars geeks and R2-D2 fans. The new 30th anniversary edition of the R2-D2 bot,  just became available for purchase.

Though it looks similar to the  voice activated R2-D2 edition we featured earlier, the R2 D2 bot with Wireless Cam masquerades as a secret spy robot with a 628 x 528 pixel web camera that wirelessly transmits real-time video and audio, takes snapshots, pictures and even records voices, all while looking like a toy.  > Read more

Astronaut Ice cream: Eat or carry on your next space mission

Want a taste of what astronauts eat without travelling to space? How about some ice-cream then?

From the innovators at Discovery Channel, this Astronaut Ice cream is available  in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla and requires no preparation or freezers to eat as it's freeze dried to remove all water. So, it breaks into small  no-mess chunks to eat.  Each pack contains one full serving of ice-cream and is available for US$ 3.95 each from here.

RC Dragon Fly: Radio Controlled Flying Insect

More RC fun. This time it's a radio controlled flying insect - an orange colored RC Dragon fly, yup a dragon fly.

With a remote control, this dragon fly can be made to soar, flutter, dive-bomb and glide for soft landings indoors and outdoors.  And it's crash resistant too, with some carbon fibre technology. > Read more

Pistol Mouse: Point & Shoot

Every once in a while we hit a gadget that's unique in a rather strange  and weird way and that's where this Pistol Mouse fits in our gadget list. 

Basically, it's a mouse for 3D games so you can point and shoot instead of clicking but it can be used as a regular mouse too. Too bad, it only works with Windows (98/XP/Me) or we would pick up one. If you want one you can buy one from here.

What Steve Job's Grave would probably Say: Geeky Picture of the Day

Found this in our inbox today. This picture is probably what Steve Job's grave would say [Via Flickr]:

You agree or disagree? drop a comment.

PS: We love Steve Jobs!  :)

Palm-Z: The Mini R/C Indoor Plane

Remote Control Planes are a lot of fun and we geeks out here love them a lot (just do a search for Remote Control Planes on Geek24). So, then when we heard about this mini RC indoor plane, we had to share it with you, because you can see it's so damn cool and small. > Read more

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