No Windows XP Service Packs till 2007

If industry sources are getting this right, there won't be a service pack for Windows XP till 2007. Though it is not as bad as sounds, SP2 released in August 2004 is already "outdated" with plenty of patches, which were released after wards.

Microsoft seems to be clearly spending more time on "Vista", and that might mean only one thing for Windows geeks - "Upgrade to Windows Vista, or die". Okay, may be we are just  over reacting... you always have choices like Linux :)

Now, Broadcast MP3 and images on your cellphone to a TV near you, wirelessly!

It couldn't get easier than this. Connect the Sony Ericsson MMV-100 to your TV, and just start playing all your images & MP3 files on the big screen, wirelessly via Bluetooth - Simple. And it's even better than Project-a-Phone, which we featured earlier for displaying images (Project-a-Phone, can project anything on the phone - not just images, but assembling it is pretty much like taking your phone to a dentist, and it costs a whole lot more).

Sony MMV-100
The Sony Ericsson MMV-100 can directly plug onto the SCART socket of your TV or via an standard audio video RCA cable, and displays images in resolutions of 800x600 and plays the MP3 files through the TV's loudspeakers (great for partying). The MMV-100  is  compatible with a whole range of phones apart from Sony Ericsson's K700/K750/P910 including Nokia 6600/6230/6610/6680, Motorola RAZR V3/MPx220 and a few other Bluetooth enabled phones. 

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The iPod Nano from Future

It's not April Fool yet. But, before you scream murder let's make one thing very clear - this product isn't REAL. And it's not available anywhere. It's just an artist's impression, a guy called Chan Karunamuni.

ipod nano artist impression


Overall, we like the design, though you may have more chances of being stopped and checked at airports carrying a cylindrical titanium iPod, and keeping it straight on the desk would be difficult without it rolling away (maybe the next version should have an iPod roller-stop!). But the tagline "Free your hard disc" is smart. > Read more

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