Transformers T Shirt: Oridinary Looking T-Shirts that Transform

We hope all you geeks have seen Transformers, the movie by now. Isn't it awesome? If you haven't  yet got around to seeing it, we highly recommend it. Maybe we will add it to our Top Geek movies list too, sometime.
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How to: Make Cheap Infrared Googles at Home

Here's an interesting video sent in my Matt, which explains how you can hack your standard goggles to work in infrared for under US$ 10. Pretty interesting.

The World's Smallest Remote Control Helicopter: For RC Toy Freaks

We geeks out here love RC toys so when we got tipped about this RC helicopter, we just couldn't resist sharing it with you.  Not only because it is uses some pretty cool technology but also because it's perhaps the world's smallest remote controlled helicopter you can buy, weight just 1 oz. > Read more

How to: Build a cheap solar powered radio for under US$5

This is a great instructable that teaches how make a cheap solar powered radio for about US$ 5 with minimal effort.

All you will need is  an old radio and a solar powered garden  LED light (that's what the 5 bucks are for!). Read the how to here


iCar Stereo: Sexy concept for a Futuristic Car Stereo

Here's an interesting concept design for a car stereo.

Let's call it iCar Stereo.. what do you say?

The Chinese iPhone

If you were thinking Chinese could only make fake Reebok shoes, dig this - a fake chinese copy of the Apple iPhone via YouTube
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