What's missing in MacBook Pro?

Now that the buzz has died down a bit, it's time to introspect. And yes, there are quite a few things that are missing on MacBook Pro compared to the now legacy "PowerBook", apart from "Power" in the name.

No Modem

That's right, there's no modem on the new Powerbook's (oops.. MacBook Pro). You can use an external modem, but come'on seriously will you carry one? And, no not every place in the world has wireless.


Apple has dumped the PCMCIA card slot for the new "Express Card". Sure, it's faster but the only problem is that there aren't too many "Express Card" accessories. Of course, since they aren't backwards compatible, you can't plug your PCMCIA card into the "Express Card" slot either.
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Google on Blackberry

Seems like we will need new laws - "Instant Messaging is punishable while driving". Maybe after Google get's it Instant Messenger, Local search and Mapping services on the Blackberry Cellphones later this year.

Though currently you can download the Google Local and view maps, satellite images and det driving directions on the move, Google Talk will be available to download in spring of 2006.   

The Ultimate Geek Car - Mercedes Benz S-Class 2007

Merc S-Class 2007
February 2006, that's when it arrives - the "ultimate geek car". The Name - "S Class", Mercedes Benz S-Class.  And it can't get cooler and geekier than this.


Let's start with the driving aspect. For starters, the new S-class has a Distronic radar speed system that will automatically increase or decrease the car speed based on the traffic in front. So, you don't really need to apply brakes or push the accelerator pedal - that's done automatically. Just point the steering wheel to where you want to go to. > Read more

Is your Jeans "iPod ready"? - Maybe it's time you got Levi's!

Are you carrying your iPod? Oh, and are you wearing your Levi's Jeans? That's what Levi's hopes people would be asking after they launch their iPod ready Jeans.

To be sold under the RedWire DLX brand, the new Jeans, which will be available in stores by autumn of this year (2006) for around $200 will have an iPod remote control and docking station built-into the Jeans. Which means, after you dock your iPod into the special pocket, you can control it with the remote control without taking the iPod out, keeping it safe and away from prying eyes.

But just hope our friends don't forget to take out the iPod before washing it.   > Read more

Add FM to your IPod with the Apple IPod Radio Remote

Apple has announced the latest gizmo for the iPod in the Macworld 2006 expo - the iPod Radio Remote.

iPod Radio Remote
Just plugin it into your iPod and select "Radio" from the main iPod menu to listen to radio or control everything on the iPod with the convenient wired remote. You also get a set of earphones with shorter cable that fits with the remote.


However, on the downside it's only compatible with the new iPod Nano and iPod Video. Costs $49 and is already available from the Apple Online store

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