Bose SoundDock System for iPod or iPod mini

Bose Sounddock
If you haven't already got one this Christmas, perhaps it's time to get yourself a gift. And what better than a Bose SoundDock - the docking station for your iPod. It works with both iPod and iPod mini and uses the proprietary Bose technology to deliver clear acoustic sound and requires no cables to hook up.
Costs around $285 and comes with a remote, but 'jealousy-filters' and the 'ipod' shown in the picture are not included. 

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1st January Launch

Phew. Finally, it seems we are ready for our launch.

Be ready to geek with us about technology, the coolest gears, deals, stuff and life in general; for geeks and wannabe's ;)

1st January 2006. Here we come...

Update #1: We are already posting a day before ;) Wish you a very happy new year

Update #2: We are on!.. Thanks to everyone who is geeking with us 

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