Wait before you buy that Intel Centrino Dual Core Laptop?

That's right. And there's a good reason.  After extensive testing by major  labs, it has been revealed that the laptop's, which are using the Intel''s Centrino Dual-core processor's suffer from a major flaw that drains upwards of 80 minutes of battery life.

Though Intel is claiming at the moment that flaw is not in their dual core processor but in Microsoft Windows driver, the real issue is still unclear. But, if it is actually dual core processor fault, it could affect the newly announced Apple Macbook Pro as well.

What is perhaps making the matter more murky is perhaps the lack of fix from either one - Intel or Microsoft. So, our advice to fellow geeks is to wait a bit till there comes a clear update on the dual core processor. 

Update - 16th February 2006
Microsoft is currently developing a patch and a BIOS update for the dual core centrino problem, though a date hasn't been announced. There is a temporary fix (lookup KB899179 in Microsoft Knowledgebase), but we suggest our readers to wait for the proper fix.

Update - 19th May 2006

Microsoft has released a patch



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