Introducing Discount Deals

Discount Deals is a special section on Geek 24 and the idea is something very simple - to find the best deals possible on gadgets, electronics and things geeks like you would  like to buy.  We will cover bargain deals, discounts on laptops, hard disks, deals on software and even stuff like televisions, updated  daily and sometimes several times during the day.

Of course, you might even find deals sometimes that are virtually unbelievable like the Free Privacy Drive, which costed nothing to buy or the magazine subscriptions like the Oracle Magazine, which we were giving away for free.  Although, at the moment these deals are US  specific,  we will try to add more such deals from other countries as we go on.

Oh yah,  if you want to take up on any deal just make sure you do that early. Most of the discounts and bargain deals we list do not run forever and have an expiry date or are only till the stocks last; especially for the clearance or stock sales.

To make sure you get the latest deals first, all the deals are listed by date and there is a separate RSS feed for the deals section.  Take a look, we are sure you will find some real amazing deals here and make sure to tell us what you think. Go on to Discount Deals

And we are back

After a long hiatus, we are back! Yeah! Geek24 is back big time.. Stay tuned for updates and changes.

If you have some suggestions drop them in as comments.

Ready for updates?

Everyone needs a break. But, we at have been at it for a while now, due to some real "hardcore" coding and project commitments.

But, that's all wrapped up  and we are coming back to geek full-scale on starting May 1. So be here to jump onto all the geeky updates. And starting July 1st, we have some new stuff too.. (but that's a secret!)

In case you haven't subscribed, get onto the RSS feed.

What would you like to see and read on Geek24?

This goes out to all our geek friends and regular readers of Geek24.  If you have been a regular reader you would have seen some of the new stuff we are now talking about, including a section called  Discount Deals where we are discovering discount deals on gadgets. But hey, Geek24 is your place, and we  want to hear from you.

Tell us what you would want us to  talk about more - would you be interested in more videos,  geeky pictures, hacks or gadgets? If you think we are doing a bad job tell us. If you think we should cover something specific tell us :-)  If you would like to contribute tell us. If you see something on the Web you want to tell other geeks, tell us and we will gladly feature it if it meets our 'geek' factor, with a thank you note from us and link back to your site.

Just drop a comment in plain English or in C, C++, PHP or Perl if you prefer :-)  

PS: Comments to this post will not be published for public viewing. We don't want other techie sites to steal your "cool" ideas :)

1st January Launch

Phew. Finally, it seems we are ready for our launch.

Be ready to geek with us about technology, the coolest gears, deals, stuff and life in general; for geeks and wannabe's ;)

1st January 2006. Here we come...

Update #1: We are already posting a day before ;) Wish you a very happy new year

Update #2: We are on!.. Thanks to everyone who is geeking with us 

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