iPhone Scratch & Crash Test: Will the iPhone scratch or break if it is dropped?

Wondering what will happen if you keep your iPhone in the pocket with  keys and other sharp objects? Will it scratch? What if you drop it, will it break? Yah, we been wanting to know that too.

Apple wouldn't obviously tell us but here's a video of the crash & scratch test done on iPod by the geeks at PC World and it seems the results are relieving. The iPhone can sustain quite a lot of abuse and dropping as is evident from the video. > Read more

iBox - The Apple Gaming Console: Another great Apple video spoof

Introducing the "iBox", a gaming console without wires! Yeah, eat dust xBox! Another one of those great video spoofs on Apple products via YouTube. Enjoy!

1984 Apple Mac Print Ad

Few days back we featured Apple's first video ad made in 1984. Shirleen, a Geek24 fan sent us this image of the Apple's 1984 Mac Print Ad, she found via Flickr. Thanks to Phil Gyforrd


The New Apple MacBooks: Dud or Dude?

Finally, after much speculations and rumors, the new Apple MacBooks have been released.  If you are regular reader of Geek24 you already know that we are Mac Geeks and own a few Macs and MacBooks amognst us, so it's exciting to see new gear we can lust at.

Sadly, this update isn't really what we would call very exciting. If you haven't checked out the Apple site yet and if you want a concise summary of what is different, here it is:

  • Faster Intel Core 2 Duo Processors (upto 2.16Ghz)
  • 1GB of memory included as a standard - expandable to 2GB
  • 200 GB of hard disk storage
  • 802.11n Wi-fi for faster Wireless access 

Needless to say these higher end specs are only for the higher end MacBooks at US$1499. Now if only Apple would make MacBooks in other colors and give us that option as standard, we might have still thought of giving this update a thumbs up.

Apple's first 1984 Video Commercial

YouTube is a great place to find some real nuggets and this time we discovered the very first commercial that introduced Apple to the world in 1984. It's nothing like the new ads, but a classic nevertheless.

The iPod Watch: Another Interesting iPod Concept

We have featured a number of iPod concepts here on Geek24 in the past and we often get a number of comments with some other interesting ones. Here's one we recently got and found interesting.. the iPod Watch. Looks far better than the Casio MP3 watch. Thanks Grim Via MrSankar_In


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