Star Trek Concept Car - The Enterprise you can drive on the road

Remember the PacMan car? If you thought that was geeky, check out the StarTrek concept car from Nissan, called the Nissan Terranaut. Wish we could get one of these.  [Via]

Nissan StarTrek Terranaut Concept Car - 1
Star Trek car - 2

2 1/2 Foot Remote Control Ferrari: A Ferrari that is Cheap enough to Own

remote control ferrariA Ferrari is not the cheapest of the cars you can buy today. But, what if we tell you there is a way you can drive one for a fraction of the price?  Yah, it's a toy Ferrari but not the regular kind that you see in supermarkets, this one is a 2 1/2' long 1:6 scale version of 2006 Ferrari Spyder with authentic Ferrari engine and gear shifting sound.

Available in classic red color, the Ferrari  scale remote control car is controlled with a handheld four-band remote controller that has a range of 100 foot.  The headlights turn on automatically when the car is activated with  authentic engine and gear-shifting sounds playback from the full-size automobile version of the Spyder. The car can run for 20 minutes on a single charge and it's available for USD 79.95 from here .

BMW 7 Series Infrared Night Vision - Video

We are sure you have heard of the new Infrared Night Vision systems available in the new BMW 7 series and Merc S-Class 2007 but, here's a video of the system in action in the BMW 7 series.

It's pretty cool. Though, they really need to think about putting that display on the windshield. 

Casual Lofa: A Sofa you can drive to work in

This is going to sound a bit weird. But, it's a fully street legal sofa that you can drive to work in.

"It has an MoT and Vehicle Licence and is powered by a mid-mounted, unleaded A-series Mini engine.

Along with the Leopard skin upholstery, the unusual features include a pizza pan (complete with pepperoni pizza) steering wheel, hand operated drinks-can brake 'pedal', a chocolate bar to select the 4 automatic gears and a knee throttle which facilitates a feet-up (or down)driving position."

The "Lofa" as it's called can do 0-60 in under 22 seconds and has a top speed of 87 mph, which makes it the world's fastest furniture, according to Guiness World Records. Though, it's not available for sale, you can hire one for £1,500 a day.

How to: Using the Toyota Prius car as Power Plant for your home


There is no doubt that the Toyota Prius is one of most efficient hybrid cars out there on road. But, when a bunch of geeks decide to use the Prius like a generator to power a house all you can do is just say "Whoa!".


Called the PriusUPS, the project is built on a standard Toyota Prius and  costs about US $2,000 - 4,000 in incremental costs apart from the cost of a Prius, if you don't own one.  On the plus side you will get instant on power just like a UPS, automatic load switching, minimal noise and power as long as there is a gas in the tank.  

Jet Powered Scooter

Jet Powered Scooter
You know, we are as concerned about road safety and traffic congestions as everyone else  but we are sure this jet powered scooter isn't really the solution we had in mind.  We wonder how many more oil wells we will need for powering more bad boys like this.
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