120 M.P.H. Electric Car

Anyone who says electric cars are slow should read this, never mind the looks, because this is an electric car that can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under 4 seconds to a top speed of 120 mph in one gear!

This amazing "electric" car uses two electric motors, which require no shifting gears and can fit in a 6' half-lane.  The body panels of the car are made of carbon fiber, kevlar & fiber glass and it has a rollover threshold equivalent to a 5-star National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rating found in the lowest-slung sports cars and also features rear disc brakes and coil-over shock absorbers for more safety and comfort. 

Of course being electric, the car can charged from any service and  has a range of 40-80 miles with one charge. It's completely environment friendly generating no emissions, but at a price of USD 108,000 it's  not exactly what we call pocket friendly. But, if you want to save the environment and want the fastest electric car in the town and own a few houses you can get one from here.

Pro Power Station: The Car Power Inverter that can fix flat tires

power inverter for car
Stuck with a a dead battery or a flat tire on the road? No problem, the Pro Power Station can get you back on the road in a jiffy. That's right, because the Power Station is not just a regular car power inverter, it's a lot more; almost like a multi-utility power kit for the car.

The Power station can power a TV, laptop or any other electrical equipment with a 400-watt inverter power supply, inflate a flat tire, sports equipment or pool toys with a 260psi compressor that has a automatic safety shutoff, light up the dark with an emergency light and includes 2 jumper cables for jumpstarting your car. The Power Station can be carried around  in the trunk of your car or can be used  in your office or home for emergency power. Available for US$ 149.95 from here

Alive with Technology: Car Transforms into a Robot

This is the video of a "Citroen" car advertisement, where the car transforms into a robot. Must watch; pretty cool.

Future Car: You would want this one

This is a car we would all love to have - some day! Till then just enjoy the special effects :)

Koenigsegg CCX - Fastest road legal super car

CCX supercar

This is one great reason to be rich, because Koenigsegg CCX is not only the fastest supercar in the world going from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, but also one of the most expensive. Carrying the price car of $722,534, fully equipped before taxes, the Koenigsegg CCX can do a staggering 254 miles per hour with 806 horses under the hood. That's close enough to Bugatti Veyron, another supercar but which comes for a whooping US $1.47 million.
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