Ocean Scooter - Inflatable and Portable Water Scooter

Astone Ocean Scooter
The Ocean Scooter is a portable, compact water scooter that you can carry in a travel bag and instantly inflate for a quick get away :) Okay, on the serious side, this is a great vehicle for those lake  and beach outings, or fun in swimming pools. Designed for ages five to adult and a loading weight of up to 75 kg, the battery powered Ocean Scooter  can scoot for approximately an hour at a stretch and is capable of speeds of up to 2.5 mph.

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How to: Make Mercedes SL 55 sexier and geekier

SL 55 Mod
So, you have a Mercedes SL 55.  But what if it's still not cool enough? What do you do? Take it to the world renowed  auto designer Henrik Fisker of course. For a mere US $1,08,000  Fisker Tramonto will take your SL 55 and make it into a dream machine, with carbon fiber body panels, fighter jet-inspired grille and LEDs, and a souped up 600 HP engine.  Of course, you will also get to show off the Fisker badges on the hood and trunk lid.

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The iPod dock: Now standard, on the new Ferrari

Ferrari 599
Yup, if our sources have got it right,  the new Ferrari 599 Fiorano has an iPod dock, apart from all the other regular bells and whistle's like a V12 engine that produces 620bhp (ooooh!) with a gearbox that responds in a mere 100 milliseconds and and a geeky F1-Trac system, a continous wheel-speed-monitoring system that optimizes the car's traction, which holds the grip the road. 
The F599 is so good that it does 0-62 mph in under 3.7 seconds. Which is why we think the iPod dock isn't going to be used much.


The Ultimate Geek Car - Mercedes Benz S-Class 2007

Merc S-Class 2007
February 2006, that's when it arrives - the "ultimate geek car". The Name - "S Class", Mercedes Benz S-Class.  And it can't get cooler and geekier than this.


Let's start with the driving aspect. For starters, the new S-class has a Distronic radar speed system that will automatically increase or decrease the car speed based on the traffic in front. So, you don't really need to apply brakes or push the accelerator pedal - that's done automatically. Just point the steering wheel to where you want to go to. > Read more

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