How to get Macbooks & Apple Gear Cheap: Real Cheap!

Apple products aren't cheap. But, if you are planning to buy a Macbook, an iMac or an iPod shuffle, there is a place to get it cheaper, really cheaper. For example,  you could snag a   15" Macbook Pro for $1699 (300$ cheaper than the list price),  an Apple iPod Shuffle for $49 (50% off the regular price) or an 20" Apple Cinema Display for $699 (list price $1299). Sweet, isn't it?

So how exactly do you get these deals? Nah, there are no coupons, contests to play or mail back rebates. It's easy - Think refurbished. Think Apple's certified refurbished products from Apple's Online Store; all of which come with limited 1 year warranty, and can be extended with Applecare.
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