10 Geeky T-Shirts Every Geek Must Have and Wear

We geeks love T-shirts. Let's admit that, after all nothing gives more pleasure than seeing people bow at our geek factor! So, here's a list of 10 of our favorites, which we think every geek should wear and have  in their wardrobe.

1. Let's start with the plain old simple 'geek' shirt. Nothing fancy, just announces your geek status to the whole world.


2.  The binary people t-shirt gives a good reason for non-geeks to squirm.

3. Is there any place better than Nope, and geeks know that.

4.  "No. I will not fix your computer", shirt. After all who has got the time to fix someone else's computer when we are are playing WoW huh?

5. Animated T-qualizer shirt. Animated shirts always makes geeks look geekier and non-geeks... well plain old 'where the heck are you from?'

6.  Wi-fi Detector shirt

Oh, we love this T so much. Non-geeks will drop their jaws when they hear "Yah, my shirt knows when I hit a Wi-fi hotspot!"

7. The shirt that screams how much you love to tear things apart. Nope, please don't use it as a pick up line.

8. Binary Dad Shirt for geek dads. Watch non-binary dads wonder what that means

9. Geek love poem T-shirt. Almost always works on geek girls but don't expect non geek girls to even look at you wearing this shirt!

10.  The Power symbol T-shirt. Absoutely very interesting and even glows in the dark.

So, where can you get your hands on one of featured T's? ThinkGeek is one place and our favorite. Some of them are also available at other stores like Amazon.


OH O_O you missed off the 'I

OH O_O you missed off the 'I see dead pixels' tshirt!!

I would rather get the one as a door mat.

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