12 Things you probably didn't know about Back To The Future

Back to the Future is  one of our favorite geek movies. But, if like us you believe you knew everything about Time travel and Back to the Future, read through this list of 12 things you probably didn't know about Back to the Future.  Let's see how many you didn't know, drop a comment if you knew all of them.

1. Before the producers decided on the DeLorean as the Time Machine, the time machine was supposed to be a refrigerator. Imagine travelling to 1955 in a refrigerator.

2. Ever wondered why DeLorean was selected as a Time Machine? Sure, there were other cars. You see, DeLorean was selected for it's  futuristic appearance and gull wing doors, which would make the folks of 1955 presume it to be an alien spacecraft, as in the first part. Of course, DeLorean for ever made it's name in history because of it.

3. Albert Einstein died in the Year 1955, the year Doc says has a signficance in the time travel.

4. Back to the future is not only one of the top geek movies but it was also voted number 7 in UK Channel 4's "Greatest Family Films".

5. In Back to the Future II, Jaws 19, the movie is advertised as directed by Max Spielberg.  Steven Spielberg who directed the original Jaws son is named Max.

6. The Mr. Fusion Home Energy Converter that's used in the DeLorean from future is actually a modified coffee grinder.

7. In the real year 1955, a film called Marty won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Coincidence, or time theory at work?

8. In the french version of Back to the Future when marty wakes up in 1955 after the car accident on his young mother's bed, she calls him Pierre Cardin instead of Calvin Klein. Likewise in the Italian version he is called Levi Strauss.

9. When Marty is trying to re-start the DeLorean in 1955 (Back to the Future 1) to get back to 1985, the car's headlights flash the Morse Code for "SOS".

10. Through the entire series of Back to the Future, the DeLorean travels not 2 or three times, but 14 times through time.

11. The denim jacket worn by Marty in Back to the Future I is actually on sale in the antique store in Back to the Future II.

12. In the Back to the Future II, the role of George McFly (Marty's dad) is played by Jeffrey Weissman and not Crispin Glover (the original actor in Back to the Future I). He is just made up to look like Glover.


more back to teh future trivia of interest

In BTTF I, when Marty and his band audition to play at the dance, the song they play is "Power of Love", originally done by "Huey Lewis and the News". The part of the stuffy judge with the megaphone who shuts them down stating "you're too loud!" is played by Huey Lewis.

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