Municator: The 150$ Linux mini-PC

The Chinese are coming... :) And they are coming with the US$ 150 mini-PC called Municator  that's going to toast all the good stories about the $100 cheap PC's we have been so hearing about.  According to YellowShipRiver, the Municator is based on a 64-bit Godson-2 processor working at 400Mhz that gives it a performance equivalent to a Pentium III processor, which makes it cheap only in price.


The Municator runs Thinix, a linux variant  loaded on 40GB external USB drive and the hardware  features four front-mounted USB 2.0 ports, IrDA, and audio I/O and S-video, VGA, 10/100 Ethernet, serial, PS/2 keyboard/mouse, and IDE on the rear end.  Though it's still not available, it's expected to be in production with-in three months as per YellowShipRiver.

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