Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Update (2012): There is a new model of this available for $199.95 for your iPad, iPhone/Android Phone. Read more here.

This is one of ultimate "show off" innovations, which makes jaws drop and generates tremendous amount of 'geek energy'. The Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard is a tiny device (only 3.5-inches high) that projects a full size 63-key QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface. You can then type away with simulated key click sounds. 

The Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard connects with most Bluetooth PDA's, Cellphones, Smartphones and computers and includes a rechargable battery that lasts for 120 minutes of continous typing.  It's currently sold  out, but can be backordered for $179.99 from So you still think foldable portable keyboards are cool?

[Check it out at]


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