MacBook: Beautiful Apples in Black

MacBook Black
So, finally it's here. The MacBook. And it's available  in black; pure glossy black. Of course, if you are boring you can also choose White <hehe>. Wow!

So, what's new? Lots! There is the new 13.3 inch Widescreen LCD display that supports 1280x800 resolution, built-in iSight camera, Frontrow software, Apple Remote, Intel 950 graphics accelerator with 64 MB RAM, choice of 60GB or 80 GB hard disks, and the choice of slot loading DVD writer/DVD reader. Of course, the new MacBook uses the Core Duo Intel chip, so there is a choice of 1.82 Ghz or 2.0 Ghz and the MacBook like the rest of the gang can now also dual boot Windows or run Mac OSX simulatenously with Windows.

The MacBook  ships with all the software goodies including iLife 06, Mac OSX Tiger and a test drive version of Microsoft Office 2004 and weighs a mere 5.2 pounds. The price for all this 'geek' load - US $1099 for the White MacBook and US $1499 for the black.

We love it and at these prices the MacBook's are going to sell like hot cakes, especially the black models. We have only two questions currently going through mind though - 1. Can we have the MacBook Pro's in black and 2. Are these scratch proof?


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