MacBook Pro in Color: Black, Red and 21 other colors

We aren't sure if Apple is going to make the lovely MacBook Pro's in color or in beautiful black like the new MacBook yet, but here's a way to get yours in Jet Black, Ferrari Red or 21 other shades of colors including a 'girlish  Blush' right away. ColorWare PC is now offering  colorization service for your existing MacBook Pro  for a price of  US $449 to give it that new in-color look.

There are 23 shades of colors to choose from, though our favorites are the Jet Black, Ferrari Red, Carbon,  Candy Apple and Mystique but if your favorite is not on the list you can also choose a custom color for an additional charge of US $99. The paint is protected by a Clearcoat that protects it from scratches and ColorWare will optionally color your Mighty Mouse for an additional charge too. Colorware is also selling pre-colored new MacBook Pro's but they are slightly on the expensive side starting at US $2649 for the 15" model.

Pretty slick, and the carbon black color is really sexy but we are still not sure if we want to shell out 449 green ones for just a paint job. But, if you got the dough, this is a great way to tell everyone you have arrived :)


what a bargain, only $449.

what a bargain, only $449.

even if it was 100 US, I

even if it was 100 US, I wouldn't color it...asshole...charging $449 like that is so easy..huh..buddy...moronss...

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