10 Must Have Spy Gadgets every wannabe Spy should have

Feeling like spying on someone or playing James Bond? Then why not know what all you need? Here's our list of the 10 gadgets, gear and equipment every spy must have.

1. Spy Camera

First and foremost, if you gotta be a spy, you need a spy camera. There are all kind of cameras for every kind of mission; some can be hidden, others worn or tacked to your body and some others can be sent as gifts to unsuspecting targets.

Usually a good spy camera would be one that is really small or is very discreet like the  What Really Happened While You Were Away! Secret Security Camcorder Hidden in a Clock from Amazon or a  Pocket Spy Camera. Read the  The Sneakiest Spy Cameras article if you want to know some really sneaky cameras you can buy.

2. Bug detector

A bug detector can help you sweep for  hidden wireless microphones and concealed transmitters which include spy cameras with wireless transmitters or FM transmitters on frequencies from 50 Mhz to 3 Ghz. One of the best ones you can get your hands on is probably the Mini Bug Detector (US $89.99) 

3. Wireless Network Detector

The best way to get corporate secrets if are spying on a company or a person is to tap into their networks. If they are on wireless it might be pretty easy as well, depending on how secure it's set to be - half of them are not at all secure. 

But, before you can do that, you need to find out if they do have a wireless network. That's where a Wireless network detectors like  Marware keychain WiFi Spy,Wi-Fi Digital Hotspotter come handy.

 4. Sound Amplifiers

sound amplification spy deviceThe sound amplifiers or "super ears" as they are usually called in the spy circles, do for ears what binoculars do for your eyes - amplification.

A high-sensitivity microphone picks up the sound, amplifies it with a small amplifier, which you can listen into with a pair of headphones. Some sophisticated ones also apply filters to knock out the unwanted noises. Here's the stuff you can get your hands on - Super Ear from Think Geek for US$ 39.99,Spy Ear for US $3.94 from Amazon

5. GPS Loggers

GPS loggers are usually small devices that can be placed in cars, boats, briefcases or any other moving object to record the location, speed, direction and even altitude (if you keep it in a plane).

Once the mission is complete you can retrieve the logger to know exactly where the object has been. On such GPS logger you can get your hands on is the  USB Data Logger from Think Geek 

6. Computer Monitoring Devices

If you are spying on colleagues or someone inside a place you have access to, getting their computer passwords can tell you a lot. The easiest way to do that is to use  a hardware logging device like the KeyPhantom USB Key logger, which will log all the keystrokes into the built-in 128 MB memory. Just make sure you hide it.

7. Trip Wires

You would have seen trip wires in pretty much most of the best spy movies or  “heist” movies usually in the form glistening red laser beams. Cross the beam and a loud alarm sounds, which normally summons scores of security guards, ninjas, or robot henchmen.  That's what a trip wire does. 

So get a good trip wire if you need advanced notification of someone crossing into your domain. Here's one - Lazer Trip Wire from Think Geek

8. Secure Storage Devices

Secure USB fingerprint deviceIf you ever get caught with spied data, then these devices can really save you. Depending on the risk level you can either pick up biometric finger print scanning storage devices, or devices that self-destruct after you punch the password wrong a couple of times like a  Biometric USB Drive

If you are going to jump from a few floors or find yourself in the need to handle your hard drive dangerously, then you will definitely want the Fortress Ultra-rugged Hard drive, which can keep your data and hard-disk safe from a drop-height of 6 feet onto concrete.

9. Shredders

CD/DVD shredderAnother thing to have if you ever are in the risk of getting caught. A  Automatic CD/DVD Shredder can save you from the evidence.

Of course, you can always use a microwave to kill the electronic stuff.


10. Emergency Gear and tools

A good spy as you can figure is about tools and gear and the right kind of gadget can help you save your life sometimes.

For e.g. A solar charger like the Portable Soldius 1 Solar Charger, which can charge your mobile phone, laptop or any other gear or a flash light which doesn't use batteries like the Forever Flash light could mean the difference between getting caught and not. It might be great if you get stuck in a Jungle too.

Speaking of being in the wild, a little Firesteel can really come handy to start a fire without any matches. Though I think this is an overkill but you never know when you might even need a Portable Radiation Detector, which can alert you in case of a radiation leak.

Of course, needless to say for a spy a swiss army knife is essential; our personal favorite is the CyberTool 41, which includes 41 different tools including  DIP switch setter and Torx bits.  Utiliti-Key 6-in-one tool, is one of the slimmest multi-utllity tools that you can hide inside your shoes or wallet, without raising any suspicions.

That's about it we guess, though we will add on some new stuff as we find it. If you know some more essential spy gear you want to add in, just comment.


On the topic of not getting caught...

A lot of the stuff you're talking about in this espionage article is evasion of authority. For example, the CD shredder is nice, as are the trip wire, and thumb print device. A few words of wisdom from a fellow espionage enthusiast, software can be just as invaluble as hardware. Say, if you are trashing your data, but you still want some for yourself. You can't let the people you're trying to elude get to it, or at least be able to use it; that's where encryption comes along. and if physical hardware access fails to be handy. That's where a rootkit, and general hacking knowledge comes into play, which also runs with software. I'm just saying gadgets aren't everything, and i recommend that you AT LEAST tell your readers that unless they can perfectly and reliably handle their gadgets (know how they work, what makes them work, etc.) then I'm afraid these "gadgets" will be nothing more than child's toys to them...

... Remember, knowledge is power, and no extra "spy gadget" can replace the cunning of a true spy...

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