8 Great ways to get even with your PC

Have one of those days when your computer gets the best of you? There is nothing like taking revenge back on your computer for the worst it has given you. Here are 8 ways to get even with videos to illustrate the techniques geeks have invented.

Let's start with first technique:

Technique 1. Throw or Drop it

The ThrowBook technique: Throwing it four stories down like this guy did to his Powerbook.

Throw it from a running car:

Throw it from the roof: This Dell Desktop got it's match.

Technique 2. Smash it

This is the right way to smash the damn thing!

Of course you can always use a baseball bat

If you don't want to do the deed alone, you can do it an group (okay that was gay!)

Technique 3. Take revenge bit by bit

Nothing like making your PC feel the pain bit by bit. Start by stress testing the motherboard like this:

Smash the hard drive with a hammer:

Send your mouse to hell. Damn the clicks.

Technique 4. Drive over it

Use your car or cycle; or whatever you have

A tractor does work better though!

Technique 5. Blow it up

A little more tricky than other techniques, but equally effective nevertheless

Technique 6. Burn it

"A little gasoline is all you need..."

Technique 7. Shoot it

Works well, but you need a gun

Or like this

Technique 8. Mix the techniques

Throw and Smash: Like this notebook

Here's another way to beat the crap out of that PC:

Of course, if you don't want to bad to your PC, you can always scream at like this fellow: (Warning: this is hilarious)

Hope you enjoyed. Geek on.

If you follow what you see here, you are using your own head and your PC. We are not paying for it. If you don't understand that you really should read the disclaimer on our site :)


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