1 Terabyte (TB) 7200RPM External USB Harddisk Drive: That's Big!

1 TB big hard disk drive with 8MB cacheThe Lacie 1 Terabyte (TB), 7200 rpm external USB 2.0 drive is a massive storage device in a small portable form factor. Featuring a high speed USB 2 interface, and a 8MB cache the hard disk is capable  of transfer speeds of 480 Mbits/sec (60 MB/sec) and a sustained data transfer rate of 34 MB/sec all while a smart fan technology keeps the drive cool and silent.

The 5.25" hard drive is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X,  and weighs about 2.1 kgs, which makes it quite portable and useful for data backup and restore at site kind of applications. It's available for US $683.99 from here.


Too expensive

Neat stuff. Good data transfer rate. But, its priced on a higher side. In fact, way higher.

Lacie drives are notoriously

Lacie drives are notoriously faulty. I have had three drives dying on me within 18 months. Google Lacie and failure before deciding to buy any.

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