Portable Furgles Speakers: Toys that work like Speakers

computer expressions furgles stereo speakers

They might be really cute or really ugly  or even really strange (depends on how you look at them) but one thing is very clear - they aren't soft toys. They are actually self-powered speakers with a power output of 0.2 watts x 2, which can be used with your computer, iPod or a CD player.

The speakers run for about 18 hours on a single pair of 2 AA batteries, but you can also power them with a USB connection too and apart from the "furgles", you also have a choice of monkeys or penguins. What we think? If you like keeping soft-toys on your desk, then these can serve 'dual-purpose' and they do look different, we must say.

Available from  US $16.99 from here


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