All in one Atomic Time Watch: Accurate Time Everywhere

atomic time with a watch that keeps perfect time in any part of the worldDo you travel around the world and want a watch that keeps accurate time everywhere? Then this atomic watch might be just what you need to wear.

Using NIST signals originating from Fort Collin in  US, JJY time signal in Japan, the MSF time signal in England and DCF77 time signal in Germany this all-in-one atomic watch can keep perfect time while you roam in US, Europe and Asia, without killing your style. 

In addition to the standard time keeping functions, the watch has a push button backlight display,  calendar, alarm and countdown timer functions and retails for US$39.99 from here . For an atomic clock we think it does look sexy, but if you are geek you might still choose the LED binary watch over this or maybe the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch over this we think.


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