Choosing a Cloud Backup Service? Remember

Still backing up to DVD's and external drives? If you are, it's time you looked at something different; a way to save your backups away from your computer - "on the cloud" or what is usually called cloud storage.

With cloud storage you can store and backup all your important files, pictures and documents on the Internet; only that they are not stored on one single computer. They are spread across multiple computers, and sometimes even multiple data centers and countries, keeping your backup secure from unforeseen circumstances.

We ourselves have been putting some of our data on the cloud for some time now. Of course, there are plenty of providers who offer cloud storage and backups now on the Internet; some free and some others at a price, which increases as you put more of your data and backup on it. The problem with many choices as you can understand is finding the right fit, which is why we are recommending website.

It's the perfect place to find cloud backup reviews. The web site provides a matrix of all major cloud backup and storage companies, listed with features and reviews to help you find the right cloud backup and storage providers.

Currently, the website lists reviews and performance figures for myPcBackup, LiveDrive, SOS, Mozy, Sugar Sync, iBackup, DropBox, KeepIt, Carbonite, Backup, which are the Top 10 online cloud backup services. In addition to the backups, if you are webmaster or site owner and planning to host your site on the cloud, Top10CloudStorage also has reviews and performance figures on the cloud server provides as well, which include BlueHost, Rackspace, Godaddy, Host Monster, inMotion, JustHost, iPage, HostGator, SingleHop and Firehost.

The site is free to access to use and we liked the simple design, layout and the ease of use for finding the right cloud backup and service providers. So, next time you are looking for a cloud backup service, look up, first.

Ed's Note: Know of other good sites? Drop us a link.


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