Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Christmas isn't far away so here's one crazy gift idea from us;  A  Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set from Think Geek.

Why? Come'on who can avoid the pleasure of growing some of the most dangerous 'bug eating' carnivorous plants like Venus Fly Trap, Yellow Trumpet, Pale Trumpet, Hooded Pitcher Plant and Cobra Lilllies in your own growing dome? Of course, we don't want to talk about our sinister plans of gifting a few of these to our editor! (editor's note: that's coming out of your paycheck boys).

You can keep one for yourself next to all tech goodies or gift it for someone who keeps busting bugs, like  someone you know in a testing team. If you are interested, the kit includes a  growing dome,  planting mixture, swamp rocks and an instruction manual and it's available for US$ 22.99 from Think Geek


carn. plants

I like the idea... maybe even purchase one.
However...if it sits on your desk inside then how is it going to catch any bugs to eat?
Can you keep this outdoors too?

carn. plants food

I live in a place where we dont get many bugs in winter, so do I need to go get bugs to feed the plant during the winter, or will it servive??

You can feed it fish food

You can feed it fish food (the flakes).

Good question :)

Good question! It doesn't seem to be something you can keep outdoors, because usually these plants require specific temperature environment to grow in, which is why the plants set are shipped with a growing dome. However, your best bet to to send a mail to Thinkgeek and ask.

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