Free Satellite TV on PC

Here's something interesting that popped in our inbox - few links for  watching Free Satellite TV on your PC, live on the Internet without downloading any software. Of course, it doesn't make any sense not to share that with you geeks. Does it?


Has about 2300+ satellite tv channels. All are free to watch. Even has some webcam streams. Has Satellite TV channels by Country so if you are looking for an obscure channel in India or Turkey you will find it here.

Channel Chooser

Interesting mix of channels. Even has a mobile site that you can use to watch TV  on your PDA/Windows powered cellphone. But, has a few adult channels as well, so be careful if you are at work.

World TV PC

More Satellite TV channels. 

Free TV Online

Has almost all the same channels has Channel Chooser.  

Out of all the above we like Channel Chooser due it's cleaner interface. But, hey it's Satellite TV and it's all free to watch on your PC. So, who is complaining?

Try all of them and tell us which one you like.


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