Geek Cakes: For Geeky Wedding or Geeky Birthday

If you are geek, why would you have a regular cake for your wedding or birthday? Right? Okay, if the only reason you don't have one is because you are running out of ideas, here are some cakes we spotted over the web that have geek written all over them, which you can use for inspiration.  Some can be great for a geek wedding, others for a geek birthday or a geek groom's cake. 

 The Penguin Wedding Cake for a Linux Geek's Wedding

Linux Penguin Cake
All programmers shall eat this cake. Others learn C ;)
Geek Coding Cake
 The Laptop Cake (you can eat the laptops too BTW)
Laptop Cake
  The  Super Mario  Cake
Super Mario Cake
The iCake for a Mac Geek's Birthday
XML Birthday Cake
XML Birthday Cake
Star Trek Enterprise Cake 
StarTrek Enterprise Cake
Another Coding Cake 
Geek Coding Cake 2
Star Wars (R2-D2) Cake
R2 D2 Cake
 This one seems inspired from our Geek Quotes collection.
Roses Geek Cake
  Another Super Mario Cake.  But more cuter.
Mario Cake 2
When two geeks decide to get married this is what their cake looks like. Just hope they don't need their keyboards all the time :)
Geek Wedding Cake 1
Another wedding cake at a gaming geek girl's wedding
Gamer Wedding Cake
Two Comps Cake
NES Cake
Most of the pictures came from Flickr and some were from our tippers. So thanks to everyone who chipped in!
Hope these geek cakes inspire you to make a geeky wedding/birthday cake on your next birthday or 'the wedding'. If you find more such interesting stuff, or geeky cake pictures share it with us. Drop a comment.



Take a look at my geek

Take a look at my geek wedding cake !

My geek wedding cake

These were my wedding cake toppers:

You can check here nice pictures of these toppers over the cakes in my two wedding parties: the brazilian and the french ones.


luv the mario cakes!!

luv the mario cakes!!

Woah, those Mario cakes look

Woah, those Mario cakes look too good to eat!

Others learn OOP, not plain

Others learn OOP, not plain C :P


Great stuff
i really love these all cakes especially that mario one

jasmine celion

Description for 2 pic = fail

Description for 2 pic = fail


I loved it.

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