How to build an Open Source MP3 Player for under US$ 30

build an mp3 player on your own - world's simplest and smallest DIY mp3 player

"For around $30 in parts and a good amount of patience, you can have a completely open source and hackable mp3 player ready to go. It can be modified to accept serial commands, be embedded in an art project, used as the voice of your next smart talking robo-sidekick, or filled with music and used as is. Put in whatever size card you want, up to the theoretical limit of the MMC format! All the source and schematics are here for free as part of the Creative Commons. "

So, if you want to really get into the geek list, forget the iPod and build an MP3 player on your own. Grab the instructions, schematics and source code from here. Sweet!


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