ICUITI Portable Sunglass Movie Theater: Watch movies anywhere, but for your eyes only

Here's a nice gadget to gift yourself or someone this Christmas; the sunglass movie theater. Yup, a personal movie theater that is built into a pair of sunglasses that projects a 44' inch display straight onto your eyes  with a pair of two high res LCDs, all in 24-bit true color from a video iPod, DVD player or any other video player input. Okay, close your jaws now :-)

The portable gadget also has a stereo headphone built-in and works for about 5 hours with a rechargable battery and comes bundled with the charger, A/V & iPod cable, a carrying case and a head strap. Of course, we have seen these kind of devices before like the Sony Glasstron, but this one seems far sleeker and futurstic and of course you can't beat the price  (about $249.95 from here ).  Oh and one more thing, the personal movie theater also allows you to wear your eyeglasses too. Too bad we blew up our Christmas fund on a PS3!


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