LED Binary Watch

binary led watch from think geek. awesome geek watch for geeks. displays time only in binaryThe Binary LED watch from Think Geek is a special watch, which only geeks would want to wear. And there's a big reason why. You see, the watch  doesn't have any minute or hour hands, instead the face contains 10 LEDs, which are used to indicate the time in binary sequence (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32) depending on how many LEDs are glowing; the top row for hours and the bottom row for the minutes.

If that's not enough to say you are a 'geek', the LEDs are also embedded in a circuit board face. What do we say? This is a 'geek' watch. Be prepared for some reactions like "What's that?" and "How did you do that?" when people ask you for the time.  We love it. Get it for US $69.99 from here


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