Lifelike Warrior Weapons for Office Wars: Fight with Swords, Axes and Shields


Still playing and fighting your wars with USB missiles, rockets and launchers? Stop. The time has come for you to go beyond any geek has gone before and pick up a set of these for your next fight and fight like the kings have fought!

Okay, that did sound a bit too dramatic. But, it's the fault of these fine weapons made from foam latex, and their looks. Available seperately (though we recommend you pick the whole set), each weapon in the series, which includes an axe, sword and a shield is made from foam latex and re-inforced with fibre glass to ensure you can fight your next office wars in the way they should be fought.

Grab them from here for US$49.99 each (the shield costs about US$ 59.99). Maybe you can pick up a pair of costumes to go with it as well. 


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