Lost in Space Robot: Toy RC Version of the Robot from Lost in Space

Remember, the classic television series - Lost in Space and the B-9 Environmental Control Robot?  Nah? Haven't watched it? (Grab a copy of the DVD from here). Anyways, we  do and  so, it's exciting to  talk about a toy version of the same robot from lost in space that you can own; for real, as long as you can sell your car that is... :)

The working, replica version of the B-9 Environment Robot from Lost in Space is a 6 1/2 foot animatronic that reproduces all the details to the last bit; the rotating torso, radar head, flashing lights and clawed arms, even the voices are all there. 

The Lost in Space robot also has a 240 W audio & sound system and speaks 511 pre-recorded sentences & phrases in the original voice of Richard Tufeld, which includes famous ones like "Danger Will Robinson". The robot like the television version also responds to things like power offs and with the remote control you can move the robot's torso, activate the soil sampler (yup, that's there too) and move it around.

The only catch why we can't own one of these is the the price. It's expensive...very expensive; about US$ 24,500. Yah, you might have to sell you car for that. Unfortunately, we don't have one we can sell :(

But, hey if you have the money you can grab it from here  


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