Magic Geek Ball: The Magic 8 Ball for Geeks

Who said geeks don't have balls? Yeah, we know what you are thinking. Nah! not that kind. We are talking about Magic 8 Balls; you know the ones that give you a yes or no answer. But, then again we are not talking the usual kind of magic 8 balls. We are talking about the type geeks would like.

Actually, the Magic Geek Ball works just like a Magic 8 Ball. You ask it for a yes or no question, shake the ball and look into the window for an answer. But, that's where the similarity stops, you see, unlike the non geeky boring magic 8 ball, this one speaks geek; elite geek. So, you can expect answers like LOL, Meh, or 404 for your questions.

Pretty neat at $7.99. You can pick one from

If you get one don't forget to drop a comment in.



Pretty neat

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