The Big List of Free Microsoft Software

What's the best place to get some real good free software? Microsoft, of course! Here are some real good 'gems' that we found at, all of which are  downloadable for free. We are sure you will definitely find a few on this list, you never knew Microsoft made.


ActiveSync keeps your Outlook, Videos, Music and Office documents in sync with Smartphones and Windows Pocket PC's. 

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a full fledged movie editing tool designed for easy use. Features compression, special effects and burning to a CD. Not as user-friendly as 'iMovie' for the Mac, but very powerful nevertheless.

Virtual PC

Emulates a PC inside a PC, so you can run multiple operating systems in one PC at the same time. No need for dual boot. Great for  testing Linux or installing testing multiple operating systems without crashing or formatting your existing OS.

Taskswitch Power Toy

The Taskswitch Power Toy is really cool 'Alt-tab' replacement that shows the preview of the application you are swtiching too. Works great when you have two sessions of one applicaiton open. 

Location Finder

Microsoft Location Finder is a client-side application that turns a regular WiFi enabled laptop, Tablet or PC into a location determining device without the addition of any separate hardware. 

Virtual Desktop Manager

Runs upto 4 virtual desktop screens on a Windows machine. 

eBook Reader

Microsoft eBook reader with ClearType for flicker free ebook reading.

My Font Tool

Converts your handwriting into a TrueType font. 

Diagnostic Tools

Microsoft offers a variety of 'free' tools for diagnosing and trouble shooting problems. Here are a few of the best we tracked down - Memory Diaganostic for RAMNetwork Diagnostic Tool, Port reporter, Fiddler for HTTP diagnosis.

Photo Story

Build virtual stories (slideshows) with  pictures, digital images, sound tracks and special effects.

Conference XP

Virtual Collaboration tool for Windows XP. Collaborate on Powerpoint presentations and electronic whiteboard.  Currently a research project at Microsoft .


Detects if network sniffers are running on your network. Network administrators will love this.

Group Shot

Group Shot can make composite group photo from a series of photos and images.

Baseline Security Analyzer

Make remote and local security scans on Windows machines. Reports missing security updates and service packs.
Media Capture

Video and Audio capturing tool with un-compressed AVI and Surround sound capturing ability.

Windows Defender

Formerly called Windows Antispyware, the Windows Defender protects against spyware and website pop-ups. 

Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder is a powerful tool for capturing audio and video content with  high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality and support for mixed-mode voice and music content.  There is also a studio edition for power users available free.

Virtual ISO mounter

Mounts ISO files as virtual CD/DVD drives. Works great for games and other  type of applications, which require original CD's in the drive.

Virtual WiFi

Simultaneously connect to different Wi-Fi networks at the same time. This is an amazing tool. Highly recommended. 

Fingerprint Logon

Why type when you can use your finger. All you need is a fingerprint reader and this software to logon to Windows. 

Calculator Plus

The Power calculator with mathematical and scientific functions. 

Producer 2003

Powertool for Microsoft PowerPoint users. 

ClearType Tuner

Tweaks the fonts to give better resolution and easy-readability  on laptop's and LCD screens. 

Tweak Media Player

The Powertool for Windows Media player. Tweak the Windows Media player for automatic volume levelling when burning audio CD's and full screen videos. 

We would love to hear about some of your favorites. 



This is really cool list.

I would like to suggest SNARF for adding -

It's a great feature for *really powerful* e-mail users. If you're receiving more than 200 e-mails a day - it is a magic wand for you.

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