Pimp your bike with the Bike Wheel LED Light Bar

This has to be the easiest way to pimp your bike. The LED lightbar attaches to the spokes of any bicycle and cycles through 36 incredible LED design patterns, 5 word patterns like 'GO', 'HELLO', and riding time every 3 seconds while the wheels are in motion, which in simple language translates to one hell of a cool bike!

The light bar  turns off automatically in approximately 3 minutes after the wheel has stopped moving and  can be installed on either the front or back wheel of the bike or both if you buy two of this cool gizmo. If you want to pick up one or two, they are available from here for US$17.99.  And oh, you will need 3 AAA batteries to power them. Too bad, they don't use a dynamo or a bike wheel generator!


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