Remote Control Moon: Full Moon Anytime


Girls love moon. Though, we don't know exactly what is it that they love about it, they do love to hold hands and romance in the full moon. But, we all know full moon's don't happen every day. So, if your girl friend is feeling romantic and wants to see the full moon on a "no moon" day what do you do?

That's where this Remote Control Moon comes handy.  Just press a button on the remote control to switch on your very own moon inside the room. Don't you love the geeks, who come with such ideas?

The moon's awesome with detailed moonscape and rotates through all the 12 lunar phases, so you aren't going to miss any particular romantic moment.  The remote control moon is also light sensitive so it illuminates when it gets dark automatically. Sweet, isn't it? Buy it for US$ 29.95 from here


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