Remote Control Snake: You gotta be scared of this fake snake

remote control snake can be controlled by remote to freak people out with real snake like action and movementSo, how much do you want to freak someone out? If your answer is like 'really really bad' then you can't get something better that the 'Remote Control Snake' to do just that.

Make no mistake, this green remote control snake is pretty realistic and even hisses and slithers with real-life movement. With the remote, you can control the snake's direction, foward, reverse and move the snake left or right. The body of the snake is segmented for providing slithering action on smoorth surfaces both indoors and outdoors.  

The remote control snake is long as well, measuring 14-inches and   features light-up eyes and flicking tongue. Comes with rechargeable batteries and mini-charger for US$ 29.95 from here


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