Spotted - The Geekiest License Plates

"Alert! Geek spotted driving a Toyota Camry".  "No, I didn't have a geek scanner, he just had a license plate with 'MS-DOS' on his car", that's what James told us, when he sent us  the link with a geeky license plate.

So, we decided to do a little 'geeky license plate' spotting of our own and tag our favorites.  So, with out any wait, we present our  favorite geek license plates  starting from the obvious (via Flickr and thanks to all those who spotted them):

geek license plate

HTTP-COM license plate

binary license plate

HTTP license plate

(did you read live long and prosper?)

XML license plate

Away from Keyboard? :P

close your windows people!

and finally here's something to laugh a bit about

You found a geeky license plate too? Drop us a comment.


I've had and still have

lnxgod on my mustang
x root x on my Monte Still have this one


I saw SYSADM and ORACLE plates around Boston.

License Plates

Seen a license plate SUDO ME.

In Quebec, we have less freedom in choosing license plates, so it's mostly 3 numbers then 3 letters, or the oppsite.

I've seen 511 KeV, the mass of the electron... :)

My friend's plate is:DISCO

My friend's plate is:

Most people jus think it's supposed to read "Discount"... then I added, "yeah well he bought the plate at a discount store, so they left out the 'u'".


A co-worker in the Peach State has this one. I wish I'd thought of some like this sooner. Now, you can't request WTF and some other internet acronyms anymore... They're on to us bad geeks!

Spotted a fake...

The picture of the German number plate on the BMW is a fake. There are no customized number plates in Germany. So this guy would get stopped and grounded by the next police officer that spots him. But I guess as a real geek he might not mind…


I have "ICODE4U" in UT.

Another one seen


Too cool.

Two to add

One I saw at college a few weeks ago:

And my friend Liems from IRC:

2006 Dodge Viper