Spotted - The Geekiest License Plates

"Alert! Geek spotted driving a Toyota Camry".  "No, I didn't have a geek scanner, he just had a license plate with 'MS-DOS' on his car", that's what James told us, when he sent us  the link with a geeky license plate.

So, we decided to do a little 'geeky license plate' spotting of our own and tag our favorites.  So, with out any wait, we present our  favorite geek license plates  starting from the obvious (via Flickr and thanks to all those who spotted them):

geek license plate

HTTP-COM license plate

binary license plate

HTTP license plate

(did you read live long and prosper?)

XML license plate

Away from Keyboard? :P

close your windows people!

and finally here's something to laugh a bit about

You found a geeky license plate too? Drop us a comment.


Wrong kind of geek but still geeky


Image Hosted by


Saw dwrxwrx on Steiner street in SF on a VW golf a while back.


Here's mine:

MCROSFT/LINUX License Plates

My MCROSFT license plate covered up by LINUX:

There is a Red Lotus driving

There is a Red Lotus driving around Seattle with the license plate "PWNED".

Just yesterday...

I was behind a woman driving some sort of SUV with the license plate:



A friend of mine once owned a yellow 2000 Volkswagen Beetle with a Pennsylvania license plate "Y2KBUG".

HAX0R bike

Here's mine: