The Mac-Aquarium: Aquarium created from a dead Macintosh SE

Mac Aquarium

The Classic Macintosh SEs. It's difficult to forget them; a rare example of beauty with brains in those times where computers looked like they were coming from a war-room.  Okay, maybe we are getting nostalgic, but we have had our brief romantic moments with them and even though they are over their age they can do small odd jobs even today - if you have a working one i.e.

But, what if you have one that is dead? What do you do then? Recycle it perhaps, if you are little imaginative maybe make it into a flower pot or  if you are like John Calhoun, you can make it into an aquarium. And mind you we are talking about an aquarium with live fish, not the screen saver variety. Plain genius we must say,  and for a change it even looks pretty unlike his previous Media Mac concept we featured earlier.


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