The New iPod Shuffle: World's Smallest Music Player

New iPod Shuffle
Only a few days ago we were talking about iButton a mini-iPod concept, which could be pinned to your shirt. So, you can imagine our surprise when Steve Jobs pulled the new iPod Shuffle that's even smaller. And yet some how does everything the older Shuffle did but is yet 1/4th size of the earlier one.


Yeah, the new iPod Shuffle is small - it's actually the world's smallest digital music player that is about 1.62 inches long and weighs a mere half an ounce. But, don't go by the size as it still holds 240 songs in 1 GB of memory, can play music continously for 12 hours on a single charge  and clips onto to a shirt, sleeve or the belt. The new sexy anodozied alumunium enclosure also makes it much more cooler than it's predecessor.

In a few words, we are impressed and at US$ 79 you can't beat the price.  Now, if only we can see the iPhone sooner.


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