Toy Rocket for Geeks with an onboard Camera

At Geek 24, we always believe there are two kind of toys one can play with. One is for kids and the second is for older kids, like us geeks. So, this digital video toy rocket is no different, though at first glance it does look ordinary.

What makes this particular toy rocket different? Well, where normal toy rockets fly and fizzle out, this one records the entire action with impact-resistant digital camera in the nose cone, that can  record a 12-second video at 640 x 480 pixel resolution or take up to three pictures per flight (stores 15 pictures). 

After the rocket falls, just retrieve the rocket and connect it to a PC with an USB cable to download the flight video. Isn't that geeky? Come'on all you need is a missile launch center :)

This toy rocket (or should we call it a geeky rocket?) is available for US$ 59.95 from here


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