Transformers T Shirt: Oridinary Looking T-Shirts that Transform

We hope all you geeks have seen Transformers, the movie by now. Isn't it awesome? If you haven't  yet got around to seeing it, we highly recommend it. Maybe we will add it to our Top Geek movies list too, sometime.

But if you seen Transformers and have turned a fan, here's a Transformers T-shirt, we found that you can wear to show your good faith and alliance. 

Of course, don't fooled by the oridinary looks, these t-shirts have transforming capabilities. Just throw in a battery pack into the concealed small interior pocket of the t-shirt and press the button to instantly transform the T-shirt into glowing animated t-shirts with Autobot or Decepticon logos.

We love these and you can even pair them with the geek belt buckles, we found earlier. They are currently available from here


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