The Upside Down Helicopter: A Remote Control Helicopter that you can fly upside down

We geeks love our remote control toys. But, here's a very unique one, which will blow the rotors of your colleagues because, this RC Helicopter can fly upside down; yeah, upside down!

The Upside down RC Heli has two pairs of contra-rotating coaxial main rotors that can be unclipped, inverted and re-attached to provide the same amount of lift and inertia to keep the helicopter balanced for up/down and left/right flight.

THe RC Heli has a flying time of about 7 minutes. Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention, if you don't want to really "show off", you can also fly this RC helicopter conventionally i.e. the right side up as well.

You can get one for yourself, or your geek friend for $79.95 from
with a lifetime guarantee.


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