USB Powered Shaver: Shaves your Coding Beard with USB Power

Move aside regular battery powered shavers, the USB powered Shaver is great gadget for a quick shave in a conference room, your desk, in a airport or after long sessions of coding when you grow the 'coding beard' as we like to call it in Geek24, all while you get the 'cool and geek' look from everyone else. Just plug it into a USB port and you are all ready for a quick shave while the USB shaver's internal battery gets charged.

That said, the USB powered shaver does tickle our geek minds, but we are not sure how effective this will be, because  let's accept it nothing does really beat a good sharp razor, some shaving foam and a mug of hot water. But, if it's an emergency or if you are just showing off the USB powered shaver isn't a bad deal for US$24.99. Drop us a comment if you got one of these. If you want one, grab it from here


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