What would you like to see and read on Geek24?

This goes out to all our geek friends and regular readers of Geek24.  If you have been a regular reader you would have seen some of the new stuff we are now talking about, including a section called  Discount Deals where we are discovering discount deals on gadgets. But hey, Geek24 is your place, and we  want to hear from you.

Tell us what you would want us to  talk about more - would you be interested in more videos,  geeky pictures, hacks or gadgets? If you think we are doing a bad job tell us. If you think we should cover something specific tell us :-)  If you would like to contribute tell us. If you see something on the Web you want to tell other geeks, tell us and we will gladly feature it if it meets our 'geek' factor, with a thank you note from us and link back to your site.

Just drop a comment in plain English or in C, C++, PHP or Perl if you prefer :-)  

PS: Comments to this post will not be published for public viewing. We don't want other techie sites to steal your "cool" ideas :)


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