The secret is out - Microsoft Origami: Latest Information from CeBIT

More details about the secret Microsoft device Origami are streaming in from CeBIT. Though previously it was being believed that Microsoft might actually be making this, the Origami device is being unveiled by Samsung (called Q1 for the time being) and is an all black device, with a large touch screen, 40 GB hard disk (wooo!), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The touch screen will provide a fully functional QWERTY on-screen keyboard, but the device can be connected to a bluetooth keyboard as well. Q1 will be running Intel Pentium or Celeron Ultra Low Voltage Mobile processor, and a standard Windows XP edition, and not a scaled down version or Windows CE. The Q1 will also support digital television and GPS (though exact details are still not known).


I think it was over-hyped

I can't see how people will use these devices based on the fact that they have less than three hours battery life and are too big to fit in your pocket. Not really ultra-mobile at all!


wow stuart's makin the rounds, I've seen your dissenting comments on three blogs now, including my own.

I think the UMPC definitely has got a market, but they need to improve the battery life for the PDA folks to adopt it.

We totally agree...

We totally agree. The real solution to portability would be a foldable platform; which is what the real Japanese 'Origami' is all about.

A device, which is paper thin, can be folded and kept in your wallet, and perhaps works on solar energy.. now that's what we would want too see :)

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