Origami Revealed: Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC

Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC
Finally, Microsoft has pulled the curtains off it's secret project - Origami. And it has a name that now doesn't sound like the japanese art of paper folding - Ultra Mobile PC, and it's cool! So, what is it? In a snapshot, the Ultra Mobile PC is a full fledged PC, running on a Ultra Mobile Pentium Processor, and Windows XP Tablet edition, but it's smaller, compact, light weight and is sexy.


The Ultra Mobile PC supports Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for Wireless communication, and running a full edition of Windows XP (not scaled down versions like Windows CE or Windows Mobile) it supports and runs all Windows applications from Microsoft Word to Apache. You will be able to look up Maps and locations using the GPS and Street and Trips software and rip DVD's and listen to music anywhere.

The UMPC is a the big daddy of PDA if you want to call it that, but is sexier and more user-friendly to work with.  Of course, it's heavier at about 2 pounds, and will cost more but we love it. Pricing information and battery life information is not yet available, but we expect the same to revealed soon by Samsung, which is making the first Ultra Mobile PC called the Q1.

To look at an interactive demo of Microsoft's Ultra Mobile PC, visit Microsoft


Oh yeah.

Yeah, I hope the price tag won't be too high.

I don't think that the "origami" is an all that big innovation. One of my VP here has a fujitsu life book that is smaller then the origami, runs a full featured version of XP pro, and has all the needed connectivity to let him be connected pretty much anywhere... you can even use a stylus on the screen instead of a mouse if you want.

All hype. Nothing New.

The price tag is expected to be under $1000, un-confirmed sources even point that it would be around $800. Could be reality, since Samsung is making it.
You are right about the innovation aspect, infact the Sony U50 was the first UMPC, if you follow the spec. Read on Microsoft Origami: All hype. Nothing New.

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