Banned XBOX Ad Video

Just something to keep your Sunday kicking. Watch and enjoy till it gets knocked off from YouTube;)

Lifelike Warrior Weapons for Office Wars: Fight with Swords, Axes and Shields


Still playing and fighting your wars with USB missiles, rockets and launchers? Stop. The time has come for you to go beyond any geek has gone before and pick up a set of these for your next fight and fight like the kings have fought!

Okay, that did sound a bit too dramatic. But, it's the fault of these fine weapons made from foam latex, and their looks. Available seperately (though we recommend you pick the whole set), each weapon in the series, which includes an axe, sword and a shield is made from foam latex and re-inforced with fibre glass to ensure you can fight your next office wars in the way they should be fought. > Read more

Wii Pole: The Wiimote turned Fishing Pole

This mod converts a Wiimote into a fishing pole to make fishing games even more fun and realistic with Wii, tells us Andrew, our fellow geek tipper.

Yes, it's interesting but, we aren't sure if there are enough exciting games for this remote extension apart from the not-so-exciting Bass Fishing Wii and Rapalla Tournament Fishing. > Read more

How To: Convert a PS3 into a Linux Server

PS3 - Play Station 3
"Here's an idea honey, let's convert our slick state-of-the-art PS3 gaming box into a linux file server".


Okay, you may not hear that often especially from geeks like us but, if you are over  your gaming desires and need a Linux server badly we got a solution for you.  Just make the PS3 into a Linux server! > Read more

Super Mario Keychains

Super Mario Keychains
We used to spend hours playing Super Mario Bros on Nintendo consoles for hours at a stretch and maybe if you were like us you did it, finding hidden 1Up mushrooms, avoiding the devilish owls and jumping over flying ducks.  Now, here's a way to carry some of those characters with you, on your keychain.

Imported straight from Japan, these squishy Super Mario keychains feature  characters from the Super Mario brothers gang, which include the 1Up mushroom and the Owl. 

It's a great and cheap gift (at US$ 3.99 a piece from here) for a geek friend or yourself. Too bad that you  can't choose a specific one while buying; you get a random one from the set of 6.

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