Radio-controlled Penguin Soccer Game

rc soccer game with penguins

Check out the latest way to play soccer with penguins! Race to the goal, spin, dodge, and kick the ball with remote controlled penguins on the RC Penguin Soccer game available for US$ 49.95 from here

Made for Linux geeks ;) 

RC Car Drifting - Awesome Video!

Surely, you have seen some slick car drifting action before, but this video is very different. Because, the drifting cars are remote control (RC) toy cars!

Simply awesome!

This is the Mother of all Crossword Puzzles & World's Largest Too!

Sudoku and Crosswords, you can't beat these two when it comes to giving some exercise to your mind.

But, if you think solving tiny Newspaper crossword puzzles is boring give this crossword puzzle a try. Because, this crossword hangs on a full seven feet by seven feet of wall space and has 28,000 clues for over 91,000 squares, making it the World's largest crossword puzzle to solve.

And it ain't an easy to thing solve, believe us.  You can take months and even a year to solve it, even the clue book  is 100-pages long! As a consolation it does fold for lap or tabletop solving and comes with storage box to carry it around.  Awesome, just what you need to give your talkative friend and keep him busy for a year! Grab it for US$29.95 from here.

Soduku Toilet Paper

Soduku Toilet Paper


Soduku. Pretty much everyone here at Geek24 loves playing Soduku; but our editor is so obsessed with Soduku that he carries a machine pretty much everywhere, including the toilet. So, when we heard about the  Soduku Toilet paper idea, we just couldn't stop laughing and ordering a few. A toilet paper printed with Soduku puzzles come'on, that's one heck of an idea, if you think geek and especially  if you spend a lot of time in the toilet! :) > Read more

Monopoly Star Wars Saga Edition from Hasbro

monopoly star wars game Here's a twist on the old Monopoly board game infused with the Force.

The Star Wars Saga Edition Monopoly Board Game includes characters from all 6 Star Wars movies, with settlements and cities instead of classic houses and hotels, and  Sith and Jedi cards instead of Chance and Community Chest. The Force side includes Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda game pieces and the Dark Side includes Darth Maul, General Grievous, the Emperor and Darth Vader. 

Interesting twist, thanks to Simon for telling about this piece of the force.  If you want one grab it for US$34.95 from here.

Line Rider: A funny, addictive Flash game

Have you played Line Rider? No? Wow, you are something guys. Okay, technically it's not a game but it's still very addictive.

The idea is simple - you draw a series of lines, in any which way you want and the 'line rider' character rides it; the fun however starts once you click start button after you have drawn the lines. Click play after the flash file is loaded to play.

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